Kirloskar Green Generators for Logistic Operations

Well Done Multivista Kenya Limited! One more Happy Customer managing power backup needs with #KirloskarGreenGenerator.

Our customer is a leading logistics solutions provider having a strong network both locally and internationally with an AEO status providing air-freight, sea-freight, inland transport, customs clearance and compliance services etc.,

A 30 kVA power backup generator was Installed and Commissioned by Multivista Kenya Limited.Our customer now relies on Kirloskar Green generator as the standby power solution to ensure safe, reliable power so that their logistics operations and shipments can continue uninterrupted should the main power ever be compromised.

Diesel Generators for power backup finds substantial applications in the logistics industry as a disaster mitigation plan to reduce risk exposure and to protect their business. Some of the applications are:

  • Storing Perishable items: Power required for refrigeration systems.
  • Computing: Business today depend extensively on internet access and applications to compute data through computers and store them either in inhouse servers or large data centers. Continuous access to data and computing power is a key differentiator in today competitive world to be able to take care of customer needs better.
  • Lighting & Security requirements

The power solutions team from MVKL provided close support to the customer at each phase of the project, answered all technical queries, commissioned the generator and trained the customers maintenance team for day-to-day inspection and safe operations of the generator.

Noted were the Kirloskar Green generators product quality, and reliability, proven local technical capabilities extended by MVKL team both during the pre-sales and post-sales interactions and the one-of-its-kind Peace of Mind Solution “Power of Big5” for complete life-cycle management for a Reliable Backup Power solution.

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