Kirloskar Green Generators for powering construction sites

A generator at construction site are heavily relied upon and serves many useful purposes at a construction site for vital day-to-day operations as grid supply is unavailable to supply the required power continuously.

Generators provides the power for various types of construction equipments such as air compressors, jackhammers, drills, chainsaws, circular saws, welding machines, lighting systems, pumps, as well as provide electricity for the temporary project office put up at the site to carry out administrative tasks through computer, laptops and mobile phone. In addition to the foregoing lighting up the temporary dwelling units put up for the construction workers at the site.

In addition to this Contractors also often undertake construction work during night-time to expedite the project for which sufficient light is a necessity.

The power requirement for each of these equipments/applications is different from one another. Kirloskar Green Generators are available for light, medium and heavy dutypower output range from 15kVA to 1010kVA.

Generators act as the primary source of power for a construction site. However, as projects progresses the work site may eventually be connected to the power grid, which could result in power loss to the project site due to grid power outages, inclement weather, natural or man-made disastersetc,.Mitigating the downtime can help reduce loss of productivity and help keep the project on track to meet specific deadlines.Thus, dedicated generators are required to supply electricity to these applications.

Kirloskar Green generators are designed to provide optimum power backup solutions in various business, commercial and residential applications. Standards meet user expectations, global technology trends, and modern design.

Kirloskar Green Generators in Kenya are backed by complete life cycle management provided by Multivista Kenya Ltd.

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