Kirloskar Green Generators for Supermarkets

Supermarkets are a major hub for shoppers to stock up their home needs with the expectation of buying fresh dairy products, vegetables, farm produce, meat, and seafood. Prolonged or even short-term Power outages could result in loss of perishable goods that are either refrigerated or frozen.

A 200 kVA power backup generator was installed at a leading Supermarket to save the inventory (products and produce) and to help mitigate loss of profits.

Power outage at Supermarket also has the potential to impact customer service as it could severely impair the shopping experience due to darkness and delay the checkout process to complete the transaction and leave the store. The foregoing would severely dent the reputation.

Additionally, the performance of employees would also get affected as they would not be able to perform their conventional duties like, "periodical re-stocking of the shelves, transporting temperature sensitive products to the allocated storage etc., to save perishable goods.

Our customer now relies on Kirloskar Green Generator for backup power requirements for, "Lighting, POS register, Computer servers, Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, comfort air conditioning and service elevator to safeguard his business.