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Power of Big 5

The Power of Big 5 is a first of its kind Customer Benefits Program. extended to all new Kirtoskar Green Diesel Generator sets above 15 kVA capacity in Kenya by Multivista Kenya Ltd. the authorized distributor and service agency for Kirloskar Green generators in Kenya.

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We Provide Service With Pride !!!

We understand that parts & after-sales service is critical to both our customers and our success.

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Spare Parts

As OEM-Authorized – We deliver Genuine Premium High Quality Parts for your equipment. Our Value proposition to our customers are

Assured Quality: Every part we sell has passed the stringent quality inspection, testing & assurance processes offering the benefits of Right Material of Construction, Standardisation, Ease of fitment, Interchangeability and enhanced Service life as per OEM specification.

Access to Genuine Parts: We care for your equipment’s uptime. Our inventory management model mitigates the risk of unnecessary delays due to lack of parts and assures you immediate access to parts when needed.
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Annual Maintenance Plan

Irregular or unplanned maintenance by unqualified technicians has a direct effect on the OEE (Operating Equipment Efficiency) – expensive downtime, loss of production, increased power consumption etc. Our factory trained professional field engineers and our flexible service plans can be customized tosuit your maintenance philosophy and will help you protect your investments made in expensive equipments. We offer a comprehensive support through our Annual Maintenance Plans. Our Annual maintenance plan covers all periodic servicing following our OEM recommendations which includea combination of planned site visits for preventive maintenance checks, onsite servicing to replace parts and consumables and also overhauling of the equipmentwhich helps in maintaining the efficiency of the equipment and extends their service life.
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Callout Service

Callout Service is a plan, ideal for large organizations who have a maintenance team exclusively maintaining their equipment and require only special guidance and support for certain diagnostics / overhauls or any other professional service that can be made available after ascertaining the requirement.
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Installation & Commissioning

At Multivista, we take pride at installing & commissioning the products we sell. Whether it is one machine or multiple pieces of equipment’s our engineers are there to support of you and your investment at every step in the process from day one.
Service Installation of our products includes:
* Project Management
* System Configuration
* Incoming inspection of supplied products as per the Work instruction and Check lists
* Proper & Secure mounting of product
* Installation, and Alignment validation
* Electrical hook-up and connections
* Testing and operation to specification of supplied products
* Final Inspection of product based on process driven checklists
* Knowledge Transfer: Operations & Maintenance
* Meeting of expectation and acceptance

Installation and commissioning services will vary by product and customer preference. For more information, please get in touch with your account manager.